The name of the next Xperia X announced plans September Xperia XR spec IFA2016?

Because the name of the next Xperia X is, it seems to be called Xperia XR.

It will be that substantial Xperia X Performance of the successor model.


expected specs of the Xperia XR

Because the expected specs of the Xperia XR is, it seems that it is not changed in any way with the Xperia X Performance.

size 142.7 × 69.4 × 7.9mm pending
weight 165g pending
OS Android6.0
CPU Snapdragon 820 quad-core
screen size 5 inch 5.1 inch
resolution 1920 × 1080 dots
camera 2300 million pixels / 13 million pixels
color white, graphite black, lime Gold, Rose Gold
other 2700mAh battery

Here are the specs of the Xperia X Performance.

It seems that this feeling is assumed. But is undecided course also such as battery size, I think we come out close to this.

Basically I think that should I Moraere I think the same as the Xperia X Performance.

No way did not look even think that I come to put the next series of Xperia in such an early timing, Xperia popular in Japan is pretty awesome.

Therefore, the person who wants’d say many.

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This model is scheduled to be presented at the IFA2016.

It means that Sony makes the conference to the moment on September 1, the next model will be introduced at that time.

I think you pretty because when it comes to the possibility to come out this model in the winter model.

Eventually Sony but will also be the fact that by introducing the two flagship in one year, I wonder if you’ll do what about?

I will do what about as input plan? Although it is not does not matter separately in it, it was to say that only to announce the flagship originally once a year, but …

But I’m quite happy as a consumer.

First Posted: August 7, 2016


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