htc11 specs release date is 2017 price? Popular worldwide?

htc11 that we have to introduce a model that will be released next to the htc10.

From Japan in the models that htc10 we au starts handling.

Because of that htc10 was really published in Japan as a global model, but it does not seem to be too much selling a matter of fact.

There is also that the Japanese own specification is not turned on, au has started handling really as htc10 of the pristine state.


It is a good state of iodine

By the state of the element is not still have unnecessary programs as compared to the other models, it is that the operating speed is improved.

By does not have a extra apps and extra features, I think that there is a thing called fun to go make up your own.

But because I think that is not so much because people like to be liked such customized in Japanese, in Japan or would not have become so good itself be released in such a specification.

So also it was very good htc’s model of building, but I think that it is a personal pretty good models to, I’m around that is where a little subtle.


And we respect htc11, but we have also said that the future is said to come also out of CPU that Snapdragon830, to adopt it.

The current has been published thing Snapdragon821, and it is said that about 10% specification is improved compared to Snapdragon820.

Will be the fact that the top of the CPU than it. Snapdragon830 is of course still the top of the CPU.

Also regarding RAM it has suggested the possibility of adoption of 8GB. However, it has also released such as GALAXY NOTE7 in the current, but stops 4GB of RAM even GALAXY NOTE7. Because to release a model equipped with a large capacity of RAM a little up there and think so, I think we have a little unreasonable.

For the camera, rear front with 12 million pixels and is said 500 million pixels. In this regard it is that the general or common than the fewer the number of pixels as well.

Still GALAXY series is yet here recently 12 million pixels of the camera, it has a reputation and take quite beautiful.

I think if it even is enough of it? I think you’ll with.

And the ROM, but it has been said to be a 32 or 64GB is adopted.

Personally, but I just want to say in 64GB~, it does not maybe there is also such as price basis balance.


will launch in Japan?

It seems to be a release from the au If you to be released in Japan.

au has handled much the htc, in Japan, has become a model to sell in its own way.

DoCoMo is also the old days had been dealing with htc, but we do not handle now. I think and still be released from if to be released au.

htc is not so much popular in Japan, but it is very nice manufacturer. I am where I want to go all means handling in Japan.

First Posted: August 7, 2016


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