Elephone S3 4G Android 6.0 8Core specs price overseas high-spec smartphone

Elephone S3 4G Would you know the smartphone that Smartphone ?

Since not a very major manufacturers in Japan, some people do not know I think in quite often.

Overseas is a smartphone that is popular, but it is possible to purchase quite inexpensively.


size 142.0 × 70.5 × 8.3mm
weight 170g
OS Android6.0
CPU MtK6753 8Core 1.3GHz
screen size 5.2 inch
resolution 1920 × 1080 dots
camera 1300 million pixels / 500 million pixels
corresponding band 2G: GSM 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz
3G: WCDMA 900/1900 / 2100MHz
4G: FDD-LtE 800/1800/2100 / 2600MHz
Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n
other 2100mAh battery

Elephone S3 4G smartphone that Smartphone is quite many people do not know I think.

Amazon In Japan, we do handling.


in the Amazon?

Here is the purchase of the Amazon, but the purchase of the Amazon is setting a slightly higher.

Would still cheap without better to purchase directly from overseas mistake. It would be considerably less people who are using this model in Japan That said.

is Elephone S3 4G models that Smartphone handling even in such as MVNO in Japan so do not go, or purchase directly from abroad site if you buy, or will the fact that whether the stock in the Amazon.

will look?

I think have a pretty cool look.

Bezel is almost no, I think that looks very beautiful.

There is no doubt that a significant sell when so much of the model will be launched in Japan.

By all means purchase a Elephone S3 4G Smartphone from the left site Why?

Bezeruresu is beautiful

Here it will be the YouTube of the video, How can be seen When asked to look at, is almost Bezeruresu.

Would not quite really just the fact that the bezel is not?

We have been here recently launched smartphone of Bezeruresu is pretty, but I think you were pretty good price.

Do we have decent prices and the bezel is not. I really nice when you take photographs, etc. than anything.

At the same is a very smart form. Because the smart form, I think pretty good.

Although China-made smartphone, because here recently made in China are, what you know that you have raised is quite level?

In fact most of the smartphone that has been released in Japan also it has been manufactured in China. You might also important that where manufacturers have made after all, but the thing that was made of the same China.

China I do not think much of the difference between the really this model and other models to be referred to as the world’s factory.

In Japan, only minor, there is no doubt it is a decent use smartphone. I would like to review with respect to this model in the future.

Because it does not arrived yet at home, I think I want to write arrives.

fingerprint authentication is natural

Because fingerprint authentication it has really become commonplace. In other words it is that can be much put to the module is cheap hand of fingerprint authentication.

Because even this recent fingerprint authentication in Japan has become commonplace. Since the smartphone has quite truly the personal information, it is the place where of course Security want to ensure.

I guess the very effective is that fingerprint authentication in order to ensure the Security.

Of course it will be referred to unlock the combination of a number. There is no usually means that fingerprints would collapse, but … basically it because you can not use the smartphone when the injury that would collapse and I think that is quite a lot of people to be used in combination.


Chinese Sumaho level of high

Chinese level of smartphone I think quite high.

I think I want to look at this model, but it is fairly level is higher with respect to this model. This model as well as the equivalent level making it higher.

Do not you think that in this way there is a high-spec is not in the smartphone that has been released in Japan?

You just think that it is specs difference of about the middle of the low-cost version of the smartphone and the carrier model that has been released in Japan.

By the way, that the smartphone has been launched in Japan is the case of a career model too high spec. Therefore price also has been fairly high setting.

I think really too good to get a new one once every two years.

Also it will not be a problem at once in two years, if so much of the price range. But really I think that there is quite is because purchase the smartphone from abroad.

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First Posted: August 7, 2016


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