iPhone7 / Pro dual camera is not viewable earphone jack in the Plus Video

Launch of iPhone7 also became soon nearby, the video came out here.

People who want to see quickly what will in any iPhone rather than want to see the video I think quite often.



Here is the video. I think that it can be seen that there is no earphone jack.

That there is no earphone jack, it is said to replace the Fu of taking from the future earphone jack Lightning.

That take the earphone jack from the Lightning cable is expected to have it to those of the third-party along with is quite released.

When it comes to video, but was lined with three types of iPhone, because three of the videos, I guess, such heck does that mean?


iPhone7 and Pro and Plus on sale?

3 types of iPhone is Will be released in the future?

iPhone7 and iPhone7Plus, or it will become the three types of iPhone7Pro.

Although this area is still undecided, but it is a place quite annoying when the three types of iPhone will be when it is released.

Personally it is why iPhone of dual camera equipped with very want but, What happens in practice?

It will come to a very What will be the price basis. But it is that 32GB~ as once capacity, it sounds like there is a different possibility depending on the kind of the iPhone.

The fact that different depending on the kind of the iPhone is, I think, again in most sell for the highest model.

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First Posted: August 8, 2016


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