GALAXY NOTE8 specs release date? Expected rumor

The world is because GALAXY NOTE series, very Do you know that it’s a popular model?

SIM free of GALAXY series in the world has been very well sold.

In the current sells GALAXY NOTE5.


GALAXY NOTE is to counter the iPhone7Plus

Because GALAXY NOTE series is ordered to counter the iPhone.

It has become the opposition of the iPhone, because GALAXY NOTE series, which is the fall announced Globally is, iPhone6sPlus and GALAXY NOTE5 will be released in time to much the same as if they were rival models.

iPhone7 will be released in as usual, but in Japan, unfortunately because GALAXYNOTE series I do not been released As usual.

Although it is possible to buy in once net shop because GALAXY NOTE5, basically to buy as SIM free, we have people When I’m it in the MVNO has been increasing here recently very.


Release date

GALAXY NOTE8 it is expected to be published in 2017 or 2018.

I have a thing called GALAXY NOTE6 as models to be launched this year, in fact, is from that GALAXY S7 and numbers are different because GALAXY NOTE6, the better to have unified in the same numbers? It is said to be.

Expected specs

First I from the CPU, but it seems that varies depending on the year to be released, until now, Snapdragon830 mean that there is going to be released, it seems that this CPU is adopted.

Is if it later model number it is also likely to be named, such as Snapdragon833,840.

I think that it is not a mistake to come anyway adopted the most new models of Snapdragon.

It is followed by RAM, but already RAM is because it is said to be released in NOTE things of the next 6GB, you are probably expected to 8GB in the fact that above it.

Is the number of pixels of the camera, but it seems that F value is 2.0 or less of those in and 20 million pixel class dual camera.

It is said to be a dual camera in the next GALAXY NOTE6, it seems that from now on will come become a mainstream thing called dual camera.

From now on it is also likely to come very increasing place which is equipped with a dual camera in order to increase the accuracy of each company camera.

The screen size is 5.7 inches, a resolution will be a resolution of 2560X1440.

Possibly it is also likely to be in 4K resolution.

Smartphone with a 4K resolution, but is about XPERIA Z5 PREMIUM, it is also likely to come more slowly in the future. Most care about to become the Will much has the battery.

GALAXY NOTE7 is officially announced

GALAXY NOTE7 has been officially announced.

Spec is not nearly the same as GALAXY S7.

However, a place called S-Pen can be used is, but it is quite welcome.

NOTE series person you are expected to see in the world is I think quite often.

South Korea products it has imperceptibly become the South Korea of the world.

I think that it is really amazing country.

First Posted: August 8, 2016


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