iPhone7 change image video introduction earphones to Lightning cable

iPhone7 will no longer be an earphone jack.

There was a video demonstrating that the earphone jack is eliminated.



Public video

Introductory video is here.
Do not you think interesting?


The earphone jack is no longer had been told much, but when they are no longer really, I think quite painful.
I am using the earphones currently 3.5Φ. Will it become impossible to use?
I think that probably can be used, but I think that at that time it is necessary to Bluetooth.
You need to buy a Bluetooth compatible device.
The purchase of Bluetooth-enabled devices, also is why there is a possibility that the additional costs generated.
Nevertheless the iPhone7 of the new, there is no doubt that people are very often I think I want.


iPhone name

The iPhone will be released this time, but if the name has become to whether iPhone6SE become iPhone7, not yet been determined.
But there is no doubt in the next model of iPhone6s.
iPhone is a very popular model in the world.

On to talk about the name, I think still people who insist on iPhone7’m.
However, it does not change a place called iPhone6s successor model.
Apple has been dropped here recently sales.
Here is where you want to be a revival, but to recover the sales and not released under the name iPhone7 is, I think quite severe.
In iPhone6s successor model, I do not think can stretch now there until the sales at the.
Future Apple does not know to take what strategy, what eventually prompted consumers, Apple is a place called amazing company.
Also Apple is seen as unfortunate company will remain for now, it might not be the way.

First Posted: August 8, 2016


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