Even less unchanged size In iPhone7 without iPhone6SE is a thick looks iPhone6s

Instead iPhone7, seems to have found that is quite likely to be iPhone6SE.

I’m quite shocked still is to become named iPhone6SE.

to 10 weeks year iPhone7 is entrusts you

2017 will lapse of 10 years since it was released a iPhone.

iPhone7 until that time is very likely to become your entrusts.

If and, because the model to be launched the future, it is that there is high iPhone6SE, iPhone7, iPhone7s, likely to be iPhone7SE.


to three years at a time version up of?

Apple might be true that at one time once the version up to three years to the current two years.

Being a once version up to three years, that the three years after being released is iPhone6, it is not hit in 2017.

The next is likely to be 2020 years.

It’s pretty previous story.

Not the name is changed so much because iPhone is up to it.

I would not quite meet your expectations? But I think you might wait until 2017 for the iPhone7 want people …

Still 3 is really disappointing feeling itself that only once not been released to the year, but …

I think I want not change is still two years of the cycle


sell even if does not change in appearance

The most amazing is that sell even if does not change in appearance so.

It is but it is greatness of the iPhone. Usually it does not change in appearance and does not sell much.

It the iPhone is selling even though there is not much change in appearance. I think whether it be the most amazing.

In the future enough iPhone is that sell without buy the appearance of models. I think that really amazing.

Whether it called iPhone6 ​​SE

You might only get the name of “SE” rather than eventually iPhone7.
iPhoneSE has already been released, the possibilities are appears to be fully considered. Even in the name of iPhoneSE see the world and iPhoneSE is not so much selling.

Again awareness that low-cost version will think that it strong.
Nevertheless it will be the next model of iPhone6s.

Waterproof function

In the model that will be released this time marked with a waterproof function.
It is what you answer to the needs that you want to use the iPhone in the sudden rain and the bathroom. However, the fact that using the iPhone in the bathroom is actually pretty dangerous.
The reason is because the iPhone is a precision instrument.
To use wet the precision equipment, or will things how?
Waterproof function is one of the auxiliary function, it it is better not to use if possible.
I think if that there is better not to get wet in the water can be.
The better it will no doubt.

First Posted: August 8, 2016

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