Samsung GALAXY S8 specs / EDGE specifications Release Date expected reservation

I would not be worried about, such as the specifications of the GALAXY S8?

It just has been released yet world-GALAXY S7, but still models in the world that still demand.

This product will be DoCoMo version of the spec, but it is helpful.

Finally the smartphone of Okutakoa was released from Japan, will be the fact that this GALAXY S6.

S7 after one generation is expected to be the fact that the GALAXY S8 from.



For RAM ROM in 4GB is ordered and more than 32GB.

Camera the number of pixels is also considered enough possibility to come over 20 million pixels.

The resolution of the screen is so current is 2560×1440, it more than there is no doubt.

However, screen resolution at you any more beautiful, not too much different. This is where a little delicate and think so.

Spec-up is the main viewed in a total manner, but do not may be mounted on the new features are expected to be equipped with the new authentication features, such as the iris authentication.

Is quite interesting going to be a model, I think that if if a simple spec up only.

Currently it sells worldwide, but is expected to continue to sell well in the world future, because some of the wane, I want to catch up.

communication speed to 1Gbps?

It has been reported that or not is pretty communication speed is up.

Is really a speed average of the light because 1Gbps. The is coming after it is one year later and a half. Sweeping enables high-speed communication.

I think I even without fast so far, but still if a faster up here, really grateful story.

But I think that there is also a voice that enough remain for now, but it will still there is a place you want to capture a part of the technology.

Because already good in now of the state is not in this IT industry. Since the world of basically passing day, it is very fun as far as what will evolve how the future GALAXY S8.

It is said to be the 600Mbps even GALAXY S7, you will be able to download more and more high speed. After I think in a place such as what happens in the equipment side of the problem. Eventually in order to high-speed communication you may also need to change the equipment side, costs are also on the changes occur.

Whether to start commercial operation in some areas, but also seems to be gradually broadened its range, it is the per is very fun for the consumer.

GALAXY S7 EDGE of popularity is amazing

GALAXY S7 Do you know that the EDGE of popularity is supposed to be pretty awesome?

The GALAXY S8 will be released is that after one year.

Well I think we say even if you buy from this stage?

It also has about a year to release. But it will also be concerned about information of GALAXY S8, or would not it be determined by the GALAXY S7 EDGE is at this point.

Of course you can expect to Fu that around March 2017 because the basic and say from the flow Date of GALAXY S8 is.

Once I will think good is S7 series.

The capacity of the forecast can be RAM in the


But is the amount of RAM that is expected per GALAXY S8, or will not become in per 6GB~8GB.

We have quite increasing number of models that have adopted the RAM of 6GB earlier this year.

Here is a new smartphone of ASUS, which was announced this year, but I have already adopted the RAM of 6GB. But it is about the amount of RAM to be fully considered when considering such a thing, if in the next year, 6GB is I think there is no doubt that it becomes the level of commonplace.

There is virtually no doubt that per 6GB~8GB is common in surely the next year and think so.

Eventually to the Nani if ‚Äč‚Äčthere is 8GB of RAM? ? ? You might think, is that the so-called large-also serves as a small.

The is not the thing that hurts to large. So you considered fully possible that come to put the per 8GB from that can expected to be fairly launched as a high-spec because GALAXY series in that sense.


4K display mounted

Equipped with RAM and 4K of the display seems to be 6GB.

Here we have become the latest forecast article.

And say 4K is the resolution adopted in the XPERIA Z5 premium models that have been released in Japan. In fact is not made in the resolution at the time of viewing time and image video viewing but, being concerned that the resolution is higher is the battery consumption of. Battery consumption will be very concerned about. Since consuming the battery, because too high resolution if the original will be a little delicate feel.

Resolution is not higher than the low better is good, but I think not enough even 2K in practice. Because because you can see enough clean in about it.

Once beyond the honest full HD, do not you think that there is no little difference Nante resolution of the screen?

Do you feel like there is so much difference as compared with those that had been used until humans actually now have a resolution of the model of the 2K now?

Perhaps I think so the difference is not. It does not mean that all is good just because actually is high resolution.

And whether the fact that the 6GB in RAM is installed, you do not think that is very good? That 6GB of RAM is mounted, it seems that it becomes possible to operate quite comfortably and games.

Because it is possible to operate comfortably in, but it is really good.

First Posted: August 9, 2015


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