Apple Watch are two models launched during the 2016 fiscal year

For more information on Apple-related information, says the analyst of KGI Securities, Apple is not venture out Apple Clock is a plan in two models that have been published in there, the customer of the report in the second half of this year, reported the Apple Insider you.

According to Kuo, which is said, because it is the case, one of the models to be remembering the interest of the first generation Apple watch, appearance, and functionality is a high-performance are going to be a version, and built-in updating the processor, and it ones.
New model, built-in GPS and barometer, is the battery capacity expansion



Called “apple Watch2” includes a GPS, can grasp the accurate position information addition, the battery is increased ability of the body of the conventional model, seen, the same size is placed.

Kuo, these two models, has been raised to 10 million units from 7,000,000 units to 7,500,000, and the Apple watch shipment forecast to 1.1 billion of the unit told as an effect that has the 2016 fiscal year.
Or, re-design of the Apple watch of 2018

According to Kuo that has been said, even without the iPhone Apple clock is turned in on in response to the LTE communication in 2017 to use the LTE communication network, is that of the permit data communication.



New Apple Clock is a two-model, which is at the same time release in the second half of this year, projecting analysts announced the report. One of those was the performance of the current model, which is that of the other one, “Apple Watch2” will be equipped by GPS and barometer.
Two will be released out of the year’s second half, or Apple Clock

In addition, in 2018, the design of the Apple watch will be remodeled, Kuo says. Model, built-in health-related apps, Food and Drug Administration, which has been strengthening of, and is approved accepted model (equal to the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare the United States Food and Drug Administration.), It has called the case for Kuo, who likened .
Or, or Apple Watch2 is iPhone7 and simultaneous announcement on September 7?

In two of the models to be remembering the interest, the model to be sold as it is, is so replace the sole processor of the current Apple watch, it is, from the “Apple Watch2”, in order to expand the user base by lowering the price , it is considered to have a purpose.

First Posted: August 9, 2015


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