XPERIA XR (Kugo) XPERIA XZ (Kagura) will be announced spec two models?

Two models of XPERIA might appear as a flagship model in the future.

There was news that might be here recently models that XPERIA XR is to appear, but because now there is a possibility that also appeared in the model that XZ.


XPERIA XR is, what kind of model?

Apparently because here XR is the most up-to-date information, it is expected to be in the COMPACT model.

And more models that XZ is, is going to be a normal model.

XR will have been said to be on the screen size 4.6 inches.

And XZ is it seems that there is likely to be 5.2 inches.

It is what XR is COMPACT the latest information. Because even COMPACT model flagship model Either way there is a possibility to be released, I think in no separate issue.

You should have quite a few people waiting for the COMPACT model in Japan.

Speaking of Android COMPACT model, it is also because SONY models appears to have been fixed.



XZ is probably almost the same model as the XPERIA X Performance.

Model called Performance is, but is very of specs was also high, also spec compared to the GALAXY series is the impression that not high up there.

After all SONY also is to launch a similar model.

Probably the Japanese market is in Son of wait for it. Now SONY, we have invested in vigorously Japan, but it does not have high rating until there is abroad.

We have the reign as models that can be used in its own way even in foreign countries, but also in the world has considerably competitors.

In Japan, there is brand power is in its own way, but we are expected to be quite sell, how still that’s also SONY Globally? I think.

First Posted: August 10, 2016


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