Only two models are expected to release black iPhone7 and Plus model is added as a new color

The launch of iPhone7 you are scheduled future but, iPhone7 seems to be the launch of two models.

Because this 2 model, is that ordinary iPhone7 and iPhone7Plus of two models.


iPhone6SE is?

Because iPhone6SE is, it says that iPhone7 does not change is almost shape and iPhone6s, has been rumored that it may be released as iPhone6SE.

However it seems to become major version up as iPhone7.

There is no doubt it is also a version up of iPhone6s rather than iPhone6se.

Because iPhone7 is that for the time being iPhone6s successor model.

new color

To be added color is like a black model only.

Space has been said that gray is no longer.

Rose Gold will remain. Gold also I think that will be sold on an ongoing basis.

Will Silver remains? Blue or would not have been originally manufactured.

Although two colors of blue and black in the rumor seemed to be added as a new color, it sounds like a new color of black only.

waterproof featured

The iPhone also waterproof is the killer feature to be released this time.

Because waterproof, but we have become commonplace in the Android models, also not been equipped with any model still in the iPhone.

I think that the waterproof model is adopted, it is very happy in that sense.

It also I think that the power-up is also good, such as a CPU in addition to.

It would of course is for the level-up of the CPU.

A10 has been scheduled to be equipped with a CPU that.

Manufacturers are scheduled to TSMC is responsible for the production charge.


attention to the dual camera

It is where you want to focus on the dual camera.

Models to be launched recently here is a dual camera is quite large.

By mounting a dual camera, there is no doubt that it is possible to take a fairly clean photo.

However, it is very likely to become only the Plus model.

Although I once took a video on models equipped with dual camera, you certainly clean take.

First Posted: August 17, 2016


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