Google IoT supported by adopting the OS other than the development in Linux a new OS Fuchsia

Google is developing a new OS towards the IoT era.

Because IoT is still a word that is not so popular in the world, I of IoT is that the Internet, o is of, T is called Things. It is an acronym for the term Internet of Things. It is said, such as the Internet of things.

I say anything Briefly, but the vending machine is automatically inventory management, is a mechanism, such as itself coming up the information of whether the decreased stock to communicate.


product itself is considered the world

That the thing-in-itself has become in the world, such as to communicate to think of it, is that Google is developing a new OS.

Only smartphone and personal computer and server and say to communicate is I think that many people who think that are connected to the net, but there while lead to net also with respect to what actually otherwise, as reported earlier.

This is ago I went to the AWS of the seminar, but I was a demo that I say (the AWS is a cloud services of Amazon) device that controls the IoT is to be displayed in real-time it raised the information to the AWS.

Just like after all the computer is that it is no longer the era to the net.

open source

Android is an OS that was designed based on the OS of Linux, what has been developed this time is adopted something called called LittleKernel.

This is that the OS was made an OS that has been adopted eventually in embedded systems of the base.

Because Fuchsia supports 32bit and 64bit of the ARM CPU.

The end user does not need to think up there actually, but Google that it has developed a new OS, because if you want to include the new technology, I think that I use what’s called this Fuchsia.


IoT devices are also in the future for home use?

This because such IoT devices are said to be popular also for the home.

Such as a refrigerator that can be connected to the net also seems to be in the world.

Microwaves era leading to the net. It is OK if it is possible to connect to if for home Wi-Fi environment, but something like this is not coming out more and more.

Equipment has also been reduced in size, by cooperation with a variety of equipment, there is a possibility that is born is an interesting idea.

But I just want to look forward to the future new deployment, actually that such a device is our end-user to the eyes I would not for now.

First Posted: August 18, 2016


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