Pattern that will be released photograph was quite leak in the Deep Blue iPhone7

We were hearing the rumor about the color that purpose of future’s iPhone is new for a while now. That was Black of SPACE for a report, first, we who say what kind of new finish which would replace the present space gray that was maintained choice with the color and heard a whisper about Deep Blue. And for a while, a picture of 4 completion of future’s iPhone indicated classic space gray, silver, gold and rose gold including a remaining part in new collar option rumor.




But those were recurring little. Several weeks ago, we got the picture which is almost told and is the blackout mute switch from iPhone 7 assembly line. Much to go to the top and decide not to have that is enough for some to make them believe that there is a possibility that Black of SPACE still gets up.





We acquire a different leak about the new color today. It’s going to be told, then iPhone 7 plus unit wasn’t caught with wild by the perfect operating condition by Deep Blue, but I took a picture thoroughly. Please refer to the telephone from all sides for us including a lack of a dual camera module of 3.5 millimeters of headphone Jack and back in a dual loudspeaker grill and Shimobe. Please be careful about Apple’s tending to release a background picture different in a beta versions and a just fresh set, build release of new iOS when that has ended formally,- where that’s carried out on the beta versions of 10 of iOS clearly so that we can find recognition wallpaper easily with a new notice card. The telephone is compared with the old iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus which may be here, and I show that a Apple fab let in 2016 becomes the same size as 2015 year edition again.


Is BLUE “NEXT HIP” COLOR? It seems that SAMSUNG regards APPLEWhether which may be so as whether these pictures are proper by the one of the one which even is still in the air. There are us around the off moon from an official announcement of the one from new iPhone, so it isn’t a difficult thing to imagine that it would function and be a sampler there somewhere. Before maybe they’re the done occasion and shade Apple would choose with which that’s made certainly- the color of Deep Blue is a picture, and finishes that off, about, the light-blue public phone we fall very coolly quite more than the coat top 1 seen first, and by which put it on, are here and see when being talked about. And that the fact that Samsung chose to introduce coral blue completion into note 7 seems to suggest that this may be the color of “new hip” after Rose Gold was worn a little in the past for one year.



Any-most existed in all iPhone 7 plus leakage up to now What triple dot smart connector did we notify of the effect which doesn’t exist in the back lower part? You infer from a professional line of iPad that a fab let of new iPhone can connect a keyboard connector to imitation in several original accessaries through a new magnetic port in Appl.

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First Posted: August 19, 2016


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